Ohana means family= hopeless

I did it. I survived a fourteen hour plane ride with my sister. At twenty years old she still cries and sobs like a little girl who’s afraid of the dark. Or in this case: airplanes. We left on Christmas Day at 3 am. Originally we were supposed to leave 11:20 on Christmas Eve, but in JFK there was some sort of holdup; so we were given 3 hours of Christmas before boarding a plane that would land us in a country that’s a day ahead. Boxing Day, in Brisbane Australia.

My time on the plane in an interesting mathish equation:

Honne + earbuds with one broken earbud + Kindle + crammed in middle seat+ plus lady who is in my window seat moving somewhere else to sleep + me staring out the window for an endless amount of hours + Ed Sheeran + 1998 + Me Before You + Coffee + Tortellini + editing Kat n Ava’s running adventures + sister hissing: TURN OFF YOUR KINDLE YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE US CRASH + me saying: airplane mode + a lovely feeling of being above it all, not in a superior or snooty way, in a more tranquil way + wondering what it would be like to be hanging on the wings of a plane 35,000 km in the air-and how it would feel to let go + would I black out in an instant from lack of air? + would I fall for hours and hours until I smashed back down to Earth? + secretly wanting to land and see my family + secretly wanting to keep on flying forever in the sky, comforted by the hum of the plane, and never ever ever ever ever come back home =

Fourteen hours

A mathish equation of 3 days in Australia

Drug dog sniffing my stuff + being asked the same questions by 3 different security guards + endless waiting for my luggage + it’s been so long since I last saw it- how will I recognize it? + everybody buys black luggage + Nana waiting at the gate + waiting for the train+ 3 hour train ride + trying not to fall asleep + Poppy driving us to his house + Uncle Gavin + Aunt Ruth + Uncle Phil + Alice + Aunt Amanda + Ben + Grant + Scupper + me immediately realizing that I smell bad from no shower and not much sleep + sweating because it’s summer time over here + hugs + me getting shy + me taking a shower + a 3pm lunch + joining my cousins + not knowing what to say + Grant and Ben starting the conversation + salad + noodles + turkey + pavalova + a very late Christmas + soap + journal + calendar + bracelet + giftcards + chocolate + only have a gift for Nana and Poppy + feeling bad + Scupper opening his own gift + feeling thankful + feeling tired + Marco Polo in the pool + more hugs X feeling like I’m being rude + feeling really uncomfortable for some reason + beaches + rough waves + nice warm sun + colors in the pool + night swimming + fruit every morning + some talk about Mom + Nana not knowing what wifi is + she doesn’t know her password either + Poppy making me feel stupid for not knowing many West Indian Islands + my sister not even knowing what a country is + Poppy making me feel bad for wanting to be a nurse + no financial help for college  + good stories + laughing + goofing off instead of doing school work =



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