Remember how we forgot?

I don’t want to forget this night, so I’ll write it all down. Even though it’s 12:14 am and I have to be up at 7:45 to go to a charity bike ride that I’m helping to direct for the Interact club. Sleeping is overrated anyway.

Tonight was Jessica’s sixteenth birthday party. She’s the youngest, but the tallest. I walked down to her house, past the foreign exchange school that just opened up that’s full of exquisitely gorgeous people. We played with her guinea pigs, Cass and forgot-the-nice-one’s-name, and waited for Leslie to call us back. She couldn’t go all of a sudden, then Patrick show’d up and we piled all the food, blankets, and flashlights into his mother’s huge nine seater car. Alli was already sitting in the back. We drove to the mall to see Almost Christmas-a sad but comedic movie (Patrick and I cried a little). Afterwards we piled in the car and headed to this smallish, somewhat private beach that’s near this place I really love called The Living Room. It’s an actual house that’s been turned into a sort of diner/coffee/study sesh building. People come, order some coffee, soup, or sandwich, then sit in comfy armchairs downstairs or upstairs where the couches and free books are. Ava took me there once after Cross Country. We ate baklava and when my Dad came to pick us up a car with a Texas license plate crashed into Dad’s rear. The moment felt surreal, almost funny in a twisted way. The last thing we would have expected was a car crash. My sister blamed me of course. I was “distracting” Dad when I waved at him and he safely pulled over the side so we could get in (completely out of the way from traffic). Anyways. We set up this tent that Patrick had bought, hung fairy lights that Jessica had bought from Target for cheap, and blew up glowing balloons. All we had was junk food, which I’ve been trying to avoid (just trying to be heathy), but I ate two cupcakes because it had been years. And I was starving. One frosted cookie, some little brownie bites, and chips. My Mom would’ve been horrified. We all played out on the blankets talking, laughing, playing chill music. At one point we just started to run around the beach for no reason at all. We kept freaking ourselves out because it could have been something out of a horror movie-a group of friends out on an isolated beach having fun, oblivious to what’s about to the mass murderer hiding in the bushes. We started a game where we took those glowing balloons we had and tried to hit in the air as many times as we could without letting it hit the sand. The wind was strong, so it was hard. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did in such a long time though. After Kiara had to go, we set the balloons in the water and watched them trail away. Then we noticed a group of boy’s paddle boarding our way. They landed at our beach and we returned to our little “hut”. We had too many cupcakes, so I was sent to go give them some. There were 5 or 6 of them and they were tall and looked like our age. While Jessica and I walked away  after handing them out (she was wrapped up in the fairy lights-like Joyce Byers in Stranger Things) two boys followed  closely behind us. When they reached our camp, they grabbed the weird tasting Swedish fish Oreos Jessica had bought and started to walk away. We stared at them. We had just given them free cupcakes and now they were taking our food. Of course Patrick grabbed a cupcake and some Pepsi and chased them throwing food. I got in on it too. The boy’s started yelling and grabbed there paddle boards and went back out in the water and hovered there laughing at us. We were laughing too. It was a war. They returned to the shore when we sat back down at our camp, and we could hear them making a plan about grabbing more of our things. All of a sudden Alli shoved a cupcake in my face, and then we had our own group cupcake war. Funfetti and chocolate cupcakes were everywhere- in our hair and on our clothes. Patrick wanted to start a small fire so he burned the potato chips, an entire bag of cheezits, and attempted to light a cupcake on fire. It was kind of cool watching the fire crumble the bag in on itself and melt the ginger ale bottle till it looked like clear water. We put out the fire by throwing sand on it. The boys had formed a group and were looking like they were about to head over which made us nervous. Thankfully, Alli’s mom came then to pick us up and her glaring headlights scared them off. I also shined my flashlight at their faces and eventually they got back in the water and paddled off. Some people.


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